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Talks and lectures weekend

Every now and then I spend a weekend watching various lectures and talks. I’d like to share some of my favourites from the last few days:

Bret Victor – Inventing on Principle

Very inspiring talk about tools with graphical feedback and finding your principles in life. I love one of the comments on HN: “It’s embarrassing and inspiring how many orders of magnitude higher this guy is playing at. What a presentation.”

GDC 2012: From Console to Chrome

I enjoyed this one, it’s kinda like my lecture on JavaScript performance, but done waaaay better and by someone who actually knows how it works. There is a lot about V8 performance in deep details. My favourite quote: “JavaScript always thinks that everything is ok”.

GDC 2012: Best practices in developing a web game

It should be named “Cool Google APIs for a web game”, but it’s worth watching. It has some good comments on delievering and caching content. There is also a part about localization, monetization and V8 performance. My favourite quote: “Monetization is a dark art”.

Google I/O 2011: WebGL Techniques and Performance

It’s a great intoruction to math and optimizations in WebGL with plenty of do’s and dont’s about use of uniforms and structuring your shaders for performance.

Dialogue with Richard Dawkins, Rowan Williams and Anthony Kenny

Absolutely (well, almost) non-technical video of dialogue between Richard Dawkins and Archbishop Rowan Williams, led by Anthony Kenny. I expected it to be a classic believer-atheist mayhem, but it turned out to be a great discussion. It goes deep into philosophy, concept of mind, conciousness and history of man, proving a great erudicion and articulation skills of both adversaries.

A Walk on the Dart Side: A Quick Tour of Dart

In contrary to the previous video, this lecture turned (at the end) into a flamewar about static/dynamic typing. In fact, most of the presentation is about types and I genuinely hope that Dart introduces a little more than that. Gilad Bracha is obviously a wise and experienced guy, but he is a little too religious about his language choices for me. I consider myself a technology agnostic.

Using Google Closure for Lean and Mean Javascript Projects – New Game 2011

Google Closure compiler suffers from lack of tutorials and documentation (especially on Closure Tools). This presentation is a nice introduction to concepts behind Closure toolset.

I also watched enormous amount of Mythbusters episodes, a great combination of fun and engineering :) After watching all of the above during one weekend I’m completely brainwashed. I’ll probably wait few months before next lectures weekend, but I’ll be happy to hear about any new videos out there.

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