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onGameStart – day 2

Good news everyone! The second day of onGameStart was as awesome as first! This time there was only one auditorium, so I attended to all lectures.


onGameStart – day 1

Today was the first day of onGameStart. It is a conference about HTML5 games, so I’ve learned a lot about canvas and WebGL. Here are some notes from lectures I took. There are a lot of links in text, check them out. I name lectures by what they were, not  [ Read More ]


What’s coming in gMap 3.3.0

gMap 3 3.0 is in early beta stage. Here is summary of upcoming features:


Buddhabrot with HTML canvas

In case you doesn’t know what Buddhabrot is, quote from wiki: The Buddhabrot is a map related to the Mandelbrot set. Its name reflects its similarity to classical depictions of Gautama Buddha, seated in a meditation pose with a forehead mark (tikka) and traditional topknot (ushnisha).


Summer – best time for creativity

I think that summer is the best time to learn something fun and useful. It’s too hot to do anything stupid and repetitive (usually referred to as “job”) and if you are a student, you probably waste your time anyway. I found few interesting readings (mainly from Hacker News) which I wanted  [ Read More ]


new theme

I moved my blog to Horcrux theme by Jinsona. I hope it’s easier to read now. It’s less awesome but cleaner design. Simplicity FTW!


gMap hits commercial market

While gMap is (and will be) completely free, there are already two places where you can buy premium content based on it.


gMap 3.2.0 released

IMPORTANT UPDATE: version 3.3.0 is available After few months of testing next version of gMap (3.2.0) is launched.


Unit testing for jQuery plugins – part 1

Recently I’m writing some QUnit tests for my gMap plugin and I have some thoughts to share. I’m not going to focus on any specific testing framework, though you may read QUnit introduction. Choose your testing tool by yourself if you don’t like QUnit. I will write more about when and how to use  [ Read More ]


[PL] meet.js Krakow – 31.07.2011

W ostatni dzień lipca odbył się pierwszy krakowski meet.js, który miałem przyjemność organizować z Wojtkiem Dłubaczem i Damianem Wielgosikiem.

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This came as a surprise for me but gMap is ...

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