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At last! In my recent post I complained a lot about available tutorials. Now I’m happy to share with you two sites I’ve found very useful.

Blog-O-Ben – tutorial

On his blog Ben (I couldn’t find his full name) is posting a series of lessons about WebGL. It’s similar to, but it’s explained and structured very well. It involves some basic awesome math that anybody willing to work with 3D simply has to know. For the time being it covers six topics:

It is exactly what I was looking for – very thorough and not avoiding difficult parts. I hope it will grow soon and cover more topics. For now it is about less complex things that those covered in, but it’s a great way to start.

A3 – new rendering framework

While I have almost nothing to say about A3 itself (but I’ll dig into it), I would like to point your attention at videos on framework page. They show how the engine was designed and they are really worth watching. There are only two for now – introduction and vectors – but I’m waiting for more! It’s like 101 course to 3D engine math with examples in JS and some important explanations. Also, a guy who records them is a little bit crazy, so it’s fun to watch.

So, that’s it! Two websites, one for hardcore math nerds and the other one for fun math nerds. Check them out.



It’s not pure WebGL, but if you are lazy and not willing to ever write your own engine, go with three.js, basic tutorial for it and then for further ideas.

2 Responses so far.

  1. if you like math tutorials, try patrickjmt – bite-sized and very clear

    im doing some tutorials at they may be of interest.

    there is even a series “lets make a 3D game”

    tell me what you think

    • Sebastian Poręba says:

      You are maker of learningthreejs? I’m happy to hear that, it’s great :) I like the merging example, very useful.

      Guy in A3 video said, that you ought to write your own engine and don’t use it commercially later, that’s my opinion as well. I will write something to understand better how it works and then use three.js in everything serious.

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