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Q: I have a great idea for gMap feature!
A: Great! Go to and post your idea here.
Q: How can I attach my custom events to markers?
A: Use at least 3.1.0 and check out documentation.
Q: I want to have a map in tabs.
A: I use jQuery Tools tabs in examples, you can check source. Basic idea is to initialise map only when target div is visible. Otherwise it has 0px width and height. Find proper callback in your tabs documentation and create gMap when tab is activated. Also, remember to set some "isGmapInitialised" flag and do not repeat that on every tab activation, only on first!
Q: My markers do not load.
A: There are two common reasons of such problem. Check if your CSS is not screwing img or canvas tags inside of gMap, and also check if you have reasonable amount of geocoded (by address) markers, like less than 10. Google is blocking larger amount of requests.
Q: When I resize gMap div, some map tiles are missing.
A: google.maps.event.trigger($('#map').data('gmap').gmap, 'resize'); should load all missing tiles.
Q: How do I get longitude/latitude for a place?
A: You can use to get the coordinates right from Google Maps.
Q: Does gMap work in every browser?
A: Since gMap utilizes jQuery and Google Maps API it should work in all common browsers.
Q: How can I check if Google Maps are compatible with browser?
A: GBrowserIsCompatible() is no longer valid for V3 API. Luckily, you don't need it at all. Simply place compatibility information in target div for your map. It will disappear if map loads correctly.
Q: Where can I get a Google Maps API key?
A: Good news everyone! Since V3 API you need no key to use Google Maps.
Q: Where can I get jQuery?
A: Please go here to download jQuery or hotlink it from CDN.
Q: I don't like the map marker! Where can I find replacement?
A: Take a look over here.
Q: With which jQuery versions gMap is compatible?
A: I tested it with 1.3.2 - 1.5.2 versions.
Q: Why is it called 3.0.0? Where is 2.0 version?
A: Well, it would look somewhat stupid, if version 1 supports version 2 API, version 2 version 3 API, etc. I decided to jump right to 3, so it refers to API version now. Upgrades will be called 3.x.0, and bugfix releases 3.x.y.

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