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gMap 3.2.0 released

IMPORTANT UPDATE: version 3.3.0 is available

After few months of testing next version of gMap (3.2.0) is launched.

New features:

  • zoom: ‘fit’ – calculating optimal zoom level for markers
  • latitude/longitude: ‘fit’ – calculating optimal map center for markers
  • keys for markers and functions like getMarker(key)
  • setCenter – set marker key to center map on
I’m very happy about feedback I receive lately. I’d like to mention especially theMarvin, who committed a lot of features to new version of gMap:
  • setZoom – method for changing zoom level, works with integer values and “fit”
  • addMarkers – adding array of markers
  • getRoute – which I don’t fully tested yet, but looks awesome ;)
I’ve finally created some unit tests and even wrote a post about that.
I had a lot of feature requests and and bugs reported. Keep ‘em coming! I also got a small, gMap-related job for 422 – Australian real estate company. I hope it will launch soon :)

4 Responses so far.

  1. Lars says:


    Thanks fpr the nice jQuery Plugin. It is very useful.
    But there is one problem I have:
    I have the map in a hidden div. After opening it, all looks fine, but I i close the map and open it again, it has Problems. Only a small part is shown. I I resize the window now, I am getting the perfect width.
    Do you have any idea, how I could fix it?


  2. Ant Eksiler says:

    Great plugin, but currently many jQuery Google map plugins have capability to do the same things, but none have the ability to let the user drop a marker with mouse.

    I think this should be something you should consider for next version

    • Sebastian Poręba says:

      It’s actually very easy to add that, but problem here is that you probably want to use position of this marker later, so plugin would have to save it somewhere.
      Would you like such syntax?

      $("#map").gmap('markerDrop', {
      latitude: 'input#lat',
      longitude: 'input#lng',
      address: 'input#address',
      callback: function(marker){

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