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What is gMap?

gMap is a jQuery plugin embedding Google Maps into your website.

It allows you to:

  • set center, zoom level and type of map
  • add multiple markers with custom icons, popups and titles
  • position marker by latitude/longitude as well as by its address
  • set your customized map controls
  • retrieve map object and use it for even most complex tasks

Purpose of gMap is to help you keep your code clean and to create Google Map in very easy way, without learning its API. In future versions gMap will be improved with functions that are hard to achieve with Google Maps. Hopefully it will turn into great data visualisation tool, while still maintaining its simplicity.

Latest stable release: 3.3.0


gMap is free and will stay that way as long as I'm in charge. However, I like cold beer from a decent brewery, so if you think I deserve one, you know what to do:


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This tiny line of code is being used to embed the map below. Simple, isn't it?

 $('#map').gMap({ address: 'Kraków, Poland', zoom:12 }); 

What has happened to V2 version?

It's still available here.
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